January 18, 2016

Speaker Heastie Remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As we join citizens around the nation in celebrating the life and legacy of one of the most inspirational and courageous leaders of our time, I remind New Yorkers that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream for a better society and more just world is alive and well, but work needs to be done. Each day brings a new opportunity to be stronger and wiser than we were the day before and like Dr. King we must believe that every one of us has the power to make this world a better place for future generations. Drawing strength from his message of hope and his reminder that we are our brotherís keeper, the Assembly Majority will continue to embrace his dream and fight for a New York where equality and opportunity will truly belong to every individual regardless of class, creed or color.

We have a great deal of work ahead of us this year - including raising the minimum wage so all our citizens can climb the ladder of economic opportunity, creating fairness in our tax structure, fully funding our schools, opening up doors to higher education, and a DREAM Act for young immigrants. These are the ideals embraced by Dr. King and the Assembly Majority is committed making them a reality in the coming year.